Our Story

Ganja Tours originally started in Amsterdam and was created to offer something different then the standard touristy Amsterdam and Holland tours.  in 2009 it became evident that Obama was not going to be giving the states much trouble with medical cannabis so we decided to find a home in Denver and take some of our know how and business there. We are an alternative to the walk and point tours you see all over the city.  We keep our groups very small so the experience is much more personal and we can actually go into the places instead of just having them pointed out.  We know where the best snacks and food are too. We offer custom personalized walking, bike, and driving tours of Amsterdam and Denver area. Our guides are all local and really know thier home. You will hear about and see things not covered in other tours.  So if you would like to see more of Amsterdam and Holland or Denver and Colorado and do it in a cool way with cool people then we hope you consider Ganja Tours.
Disclaimer: Ganja Tours in no way promotes or participates in any illegal activity. Ganja Tours is a tour company for tourists to utilize for tours in and around the Netherlands.

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