Mokum(Amsterdam) Bike Tour  reservations required
  • Meet in central location at 10:30AM. I will help you get a bike lined up(about 10E).
  • Short introduction and orientation from guide. A few rules to follow for safety.
  • Off we go in one direction or another. With bikes we can cover the whole city.
  • Stop at unique and interesting coffeeshops.  Stop at some cool monuments.
  • We cover some great historic spots along the way.  The real Anne Frank Huis for example.  I can show you the sand box she played in before going into hiding.
  • It's fun to ride out into the countryside. Maybe take the little bike ferry across the Amstel.  See some quint villages and real windmills.
  • Or we can take the free ferry to the North and visit some great spots.
  • We will return you to your hotel or apartment or coffeeshop of your choice when you can't take anymore.

Other Bike tours reservations required
  • We can take bikes on the train out of town to many locations.
  • Then we ride back to Amsterdam though some of the best little villages
  • We can also take bikes on the flying fast ferry to Ijmuiden and see the beach
  • The nice thing about Holland is that the entire country is covered with bike paths
  • We have many different trips and love them all.  All you have to do is ask.
Disclaimer: Ganja Tours in no way promotes or participates in any illegal activity. Ganja Tours is a tour company for tourists to utilize for tours in and around the Netherlands.

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