In Amsterdam, coffeeshop means a place where cannabis is openly sold and smoked.  There are over 250 coffeeshops in Amsterdam.The coffeeshops can legally have up to 500 grams of cannabis and cannabis products and can sell up to 5 grams to punters over 18. They come in all shapes and sizes: some are very touristy, some are very small, and some are worth a visit.  We will go behind the scenes of the Amsterdam Coffee shop industry. We will visit a few of the coffeeshops, where we'll learn about client attitudes, social reaction patterns and current trends in the cannabis trade. Of course, there will be some time to freely smoke and ask questions of the budtender.
Some of the coffeeshops on our walking tour of Amsterdam.

Pink Floyd (now known as The Dampkring Breakfast Bar)
Blue Bird (famous for Blueberry)
Tweede Kamer
La Tartulia
Grey Area (an American favorite)
Dampkring (Oceans 12 was filmed here)
Club Media
and many more...(meaning we pass dozens of shops on our tour.  You are always welcome to do a buy and fly along our route.  We stop in at many shops and keep our eyes open for the best deals.) 
Disclaimer: Ganja Tours in no way promotes or participates in any illegal activity. Ganja Tours is a tour company for tourists to utilize for tours in and around the Netherlands.

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