View from the old Post Office.
One of our many bike tour stops.
Secret Garden on one of
our walking tours.
Very cool Italian Cooking shop.
As seen on a Ganja Tour walk.
Sometimes we visit the Orange sluicen
locks to watch the boat traffic.
Our country bike tours lead
us to some very cool overlooks.
We get to some very out of the
way places on our country bike tours.
Fantastic unknown markets for all seasons.
Some places in the dunes can
only be accessed by bike.
Some of tours take us to
secluded beaches.
More secluded beaches from
a different day.
Sometimes we visit some hidden
World War II bunkers.
Little known WWII Bunkers
protecting the North sea Canal.
Watching the boats come and go
from the harbor can be cool and relaxing.
Our walking tours include the coolest coffeeshops.
Heres one held up by poles that sells junk too.
Always nice to take a break on a
beautiful outdoor terrace.
We have the Cruise ship schedules and
like to watch them come and go.
With good timing we sometimes
come across local festivals.
How about an out of the way Smartshop
with lots of interesting stuff.
There really are giant ganja fields
and we know where there at.
As you can see we have many great adventures and places of interest to visit.  These are just a very few.  Come and join us on any Ganja Tour and expect to have a unique experience and some great fun.
Disclaimer: Ganja Tours in no way promotes or participates in any illegal activity. Ganja Tours is a tour company for tourists to utilize for tours in and around the Netherlands.

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