Slow start but started.

Jackie Rebel will be speaking at the 420 Rally in Denver on April 20th 2013.  She will also speak at the Jack Herer tribute at the HoodLab on April 15th.

Jackie’s Blog, back on track.

It’s been quite awhile since any posts here. Jackie has been traveling to Colorado a lot lately to study and learn about all the new effective medical cannabis products. She will be sharing her findings soon here and on her new web site at It is a site for her new medical cannabis foundation in the Netherlands.

For a sn

Crime and Cannabis Conference in Amsterdam

I wrote them this letter.


Do you agree that it is law enforcement that has created the criminal enterprise? If it were legal, you would be collecting more instead of spending. Get it?

Do you agree that the war on drugs is really a war against citizens? Your mother, your sister, your brother, your children. Let us decide for ourselves what we put in our bodies.

Do you agree that less young people use cannabis in areas where it is accepted and NOT criminalized? Both the Netherlands and Portugal come to mind.

Do you agree that marijuana has been used for thousands of years and will continue to be used for thousands of years into the future regardless of your misguided attempts to criminalize it?

Do you agree that NO ONE has ever died from using Cannabis?

Do you agree that many people die using alcohol and tobacco?

Do you agree that cannabis users are enlightened and that scares the shit out of you?

Do you agree that there is less trouble in coffeeshops then in pubs?

Do you agree that discrimination is a tool for the weak, ignorant and uninformed?
How can you go ahead and ban foreigners from coffeeshops. It will make you look very foolish.

I think we must agree to disagree. Keep your heads in the sand, continue to put out
Mis-information and all of your creditability will be lost for ever. Cry wolf one more time.
Wake up politicians and police. By continuing the prohibition of cannabis you are yourselves criminally negligent.

A happy green cannabis user

P.S. I hope you all wake up before it’s too late. WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY… GET IT?

Happy 420 and please help support Japan.

Happy 420 around the the world! let’s celebrate and inhale  a lot of cannabis smoke, and also take a moment to consider all those people still prosecuted and incarcerated because of cannabis…. let’s also consider all the sick an needy that still don,’t  have proper access to affordable effective cannabis…and let,t aim at making their lives better and free!

And I’m asking you to help my friend Hiro from  Tokyo who can’t go ahead and celebrate 420 and instead is helping the needy in the north of his country and NEEDS our help!

SUPPORT HIRO and the 420 movement in Japan!




4-20 Denver, and the Cannabis Crown in Aspen.

Jackie will be speaking at the Downtown 420 event in Denver Colorado.  Later in the month she will be a featured speaker at the Cannabis Crown in Aspen.

New National Cancer Institute Info

After 37 years of denial the United States government recognizes the significance of medicinal cannabis. Read it here.


EU Court rules in coffeeshop descrimination case.

Slecht nieuws! (bad news!)
The European Court of Justice has just ruled that the Dutch Government will be allowed to introduce the wiet pas to stop foreign tourist coming into the coffeeshops….
The State court had asked the court to see if a weed pass won,t go against discrimination laws or free trade…
The council of Maastricht 4 years ago started an experimental trial by closing down a coffeeshop that had sold weed to a foreign customer.
The European Court of Justice says that introducing a weed pass will be allowed to stop the bother from drug tourism….

a very dark day for human rights and cannabis culture indeed

Jackie speaks at the Cannabis Cup 2010 in Amsterdam

Here is Jackie’s speech at the Cannabis Cup yesterday, November 23rd 2010.